Join the Crew

 So you wanna be part of the team eh? 

We travel shitloads, we understand you wanna spend those hard earned dollars on plane tickets and boards. So we wanted to come up with a way our mates could get free threads while travelling. 

Say Hello to the L/L Rep Crew. 

Our crew can now earn all their gear for free while on the road. Yeah that's right, just cause you're living in a van with three other sweaty dudes doesn't mean you can't look fresh as. 

Here's the deal. 

1) You have to be an existing customer. I mean, come on, we can't have people promoting our threads if they've never worn them, right!? Bamboo is different, you need to believe in what we're doing. This is a community, thats your entry fee.

2) Join the crew by creating an account. It's an email address and password, you do it at checkout. Easy. 

3) Application form. First two are easy, here's where we weed out the posers. L/L is built, sold and worn by those who live it. If you want to rep for us you better tell us why. You better believe in what we stand for and you better be living it. If you sit in a office, your biggest passtime is netflix and your social media is filled with 1000 selfies doing a kissy face - don't even bother. 

4) Welcome aboard! When you pass the application you can start earning gear right away. We gave you 50 points already for opening an account and one point for every dollar you spent getting your foot in the door! (250 gets you a free tee to give you an idea). 

It ain't tough, tell your mates and the loads of people you meet on the road about us and what we're doing (this is also easier if you're WEARING a tee). You can now give your mates a discount since you're family. Everytime someone buys something with your discount, you earn free gear. Easy as that. 

Think you have 10 friends that would dig our vibe? That's about three free things from our shop for you. 

Don't forget every single time you promote our gear you're helping this planet we love to play on. Everytime someone buys something an entire garbage bag of trash is cleaned up off of BC shores. You're earning free threads and helping the planet. Good on ya mate.