Lifestyle Over Luxury Co.

It's pretty simple... a portion from every single clothing sale goes directly to cleaning up our oceans.

Each piece of clothing we sell means we help pull out one entire garbage bag full of trash and plastic from British Columbia's beaches! By donating a portion of our profits to Living Oceans Society, we help them engage volunteers and pay for equipment and debris haulage.  Living Oceans leverages every dollar contributed to marine debris work by applying for matching funding, enabling us to stretch the impact of every donation. 


Living Oceans was founded in 1998 in the tiny fishing village of Sointula, B.C. in the northern Vancouver Island region. The group has been removing marine debris since 2008 and in 2013, it began working in remote parts of the northwest Island, to remove the enormous pulse of plastic debris arriving as a result of the Tohoku tsunami of 2011. During the summer of 2015, Living Oceans removed five tonnes of debris from beaches where it would otherwise have been broken down by sun and waves into bite-sized pieces and refloated on high tides, becoming a toxic food substitute for birds, fish, whales and many other marine organisms. Plastics that have spent time in coastal waters can be highly contaminated with organic pollutants that are known to create long-term health impacts in fish and mammals.


On the beaches where Living Oceans has been working, plastic (including rope, fishnets, buoys and a wide variety of industrial and domestic plastic containers) has been accumulating at the rate of about one tonne per beach per year.  The group plans to leverage more volunteer support in future years, to be able to clear more beaches and put the plastics into the recycling stream.  So that means you can help!  Visit the website at for more information or to volunteer to help them Clear the Coast.