lifestyle over luxury 

Who we are is probably best described by what we do. 

L/L makes socially and eco-conscious apparel for the modern adventurer. For every single item of clothing sold, an entire garbage bag of plastic is cleaned up off beaches and prevented from entering our oceans. Yeah, you read that right, an entire garbage bag.

Long story short, we got sick of buying $50 cotton t-shirts that don't last a day on the road. Then we learned how badly the textile industry destroying mother earth. So we set out to do things a little differently. No big offices, no million dollar athletes, no fancy welcome lobby with a Keurig in the corner. Lifestyle Over Luxury Co. is built, sold and worn by those who live it. Just quality, more sustainably made clothes at a reasonable cost. 

We’ll deck you out in threads that will last the whole trip, every beach day, bar night, mountain trek and surf check. 

In a world where too many people are chasing extra zeros to add to their bank accounts, there are a few of us left chasing our passions and dreams that consist of experiences, not expenses. Memories over materials.

Lifestyle Over Luxury is an ode to those who chose their passion over practicality. Risk takers and dreams chasers. Just like we are. Safe to say we're the only clothing brand run from a converted campervan?

So whether it's on the sand, slopes or streets; we’ll see you there, because at the end of the day this is our lifestyle too. Join the movement and stay up to date on our adventures!

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