bamboo clothingWhy Bamboo? 

We got sick of buying fifty dollar cotton t-shirts that don't last a week on the road without being destroyed beyond repair and just generally shit. 

So we set out to build a better t-shirt, then we started learning about the production of cotton and how terrible it is for the environment. Can you believe over a million people are hospitalized each year from being exposed to the insecticides and pesticides used to make our clothes!? Cotton is responsible for 22% of the worlds insecticide use! The ocean is downhill from everywhere via fresh waterways, where do you think the millions of tonnes of this shit ends up? Where we surf, swim and what we end up drinking. Moreover, studies show that these chemicals from growing it are still present in the clothing when it reaches our closets and our skin. 

Bamboo is one of the most sustainable fabrics around. The plant's natural resistance to disease and insects means it doesn't require chemicals to improve growth. It's also the fastest growing textile and doesn't require replanting. 

Alright so what does it mean for you? The fabric made from bamboo is classed as rayon. It's got a bit of stretch unlike cotton so the wrinkles fall out after wearing it for only a short time. It's notoriously durable and super soft. A lot of the time its used for high end sleepwear or bedsheets, it's that comfortable. 

Comfy, good for the environment, super comfortable and sweat wicking... why the %$#* are we wearing anything else, right!? 

The average person spends over $500 a year on clothes. That's 500 votes on the world you want to live in. What are you wearing? What are you voting for?