May 09, 2016

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The Rep Crew!

Join The Crew

When we started Lifestyle Over Luxury we wanted to build a community of like minded individuals. It's a pretty awesome time to be alive. There's a whole generation of people choosing creativity and adventure over corporate cubicles. People choosing to chase their passion over this practical decision making process we're sold that ends with many of us chained to desks, debt and lives we never imagined.  

That's what Lifestyle Over Luxury is all about - forgoing the modern day ideals of success to find a life that you are actually stoked to wake up to everyday. 

We've had some awesome emails from people all over the world stoked on what we are doing and looking to get involved. So we created the L/L Rep Crew. You can now apply to be a rep for us and earn free gear while you're on the road! 

You can get your mates a discount and then every time someone buys something you earn free gear from our store. You also help us clean up and entire garbage bag of trash off B.C beaches and support sustainable production! 


Head over and learn more about joining our crew below. 

Join the Crew!

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Alexander bereas
Alexander bereas

August 24, 2016

What you guys are doing is dope!

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